Why do I need BRITE?

BRITE provides easy access to more than 5,000 key indicators for the Lebanese economy, in additional to critical international data. Those indicators are frequently used by economists, investors, businesses, researchers, students, journalists and others to study the local economy.

BRITE facilitates the research process by helping the various stakeholders seamlessly visualize, analyze, and download economic and sector data from 50+ official public and private sources.
What kind of information can I find on BRITE?

BRITE provides data for virtually every sector of the Lebanese economy, including the financial, fiscal, earnings, real estate and construction, stock exchange, tourism and foreign exchange sectors.
How often are data updated?

Indicators on BRITE are updated at least once a month with the latest available information from official sources. Please visit our “Update Schedule” for upcoming release dates.
Who do I contact if I have questions or suggestions?

For questions and suggestions, please use the contact form available on our Contact Us page.
Which browser do you recommend for optimal viewing?

BRITE is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, we recommend using Chrome for an optimal viewing experience.
How do I find an indicator in the database?

You can find your indicator by typing any keyword(s) in the Search box available on every page of the website. You can also navigate the database by Sector, by Most Popular, or by Data Tree.
How can I add two indicators to the same chart?

Clicking on “Add indicator” above each Chart, and then search for the indicator you would like to add. Adding an indicator to a chart with two indicators will replace the second one.
How can I export data?

A left menu is available on every charting page, offering you the option to “Export to Excel”, or “Export as image”.
Can I download multiple indicators at the same time?

In any of the data pages, you will find a cart icon next to the indicator name. You can click on this icon to add up to 20 indicators to your cart. Whenever you are ready to export the indicators you selected, you can click on the cart icon available on the top menu of every page of the website and download all.
How do I quickly find an indicator if I know the series ID?

In the search box, type in the indicator ID (series ID) preceded by the equal sign “=”, and click on search to retrieve the indicator. For example, if you type in “=9675”, the indicator “BLOM Lebanon Purchasing Managers’ Index” will appear.
Which formulas can I apply to charts?

Absolute changex(t) - x(t-1)
Percent change[(x(t) / x(t-1)) - 1] * 100
Year over year changex(t) - x(t-n)
Percent year over year change[(x(t) / x(t-n)) - 1] * 100
Year to date changex(t) - x(m12)
Percent year to date change[x(t)/ x(m12) - 1] * 100
Cumulative year over year changeThe total value since the start of the year minus the total value during the same period the previous year.
Cumulative percent year over year changePercent change between the total value since the start of the year and the total value during the same period the previous year.
CumulativeThe sum of all values since the start of the year.
Year to date year over year changeThe change to date in the current year minus the change during the same period in the previous year.
Year to date percent  year over year changePercent change of the change to date in the current year from the change during the same period in the previous year.
t: current period
n: number of observations per year
m: month number
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